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EzPG is a disruptive online marketplace for paying guest accommodations and services apartments that makes it possible to search and book the right PG within a matter of few minutes.

Evolution of EzPG and the problem it solves :

EzPG is transforming the way PG industry operates in India. EzPG acts as the bridge between PG owner and customer – for customer it helps to find the PG at right price, right location and with right amenities within a short period of time, and for PG owner, to find the customer quickly and effortlessly.

EzPG was started with the aim to make accommodation finding and living more democratic for millennials. Population migration is big in India - it is estimated that in 2017-18, around 34 million Indian students enrolled for higher education, of which nearly 26.6 million students - close to 76 percent - migrated to different cities.

Two situations emerge in PG industry:

On one hand, these young migrants often gets disillusioned while coming to a new city, trying to figure out the right accommodation, contact details, best offers, right amenities etc. Often, compromises are made simply due to lack of sufficient information. We aim to give people accommodations where essential needs are met with assurance of safety and quality. In India, EzPG is the one of the largest online portal of PG accommodations and provides a huge array of choice to our customers and thus, support them to find an accommodation of their choice, also helping in the process of settling down quickly.

On the other hand, there are also many PG accommodations who have invested heavily on their infrastructure but are not running to full capacity. Once a tenant lives, the bed may remain unoccupied for weeks together. Getting a replacement tenant may be a long drawn process with so much competition. For each bed which goes vacant, there is an opportunity cost of six to eight thousand rupees per month which is being incurred by the PG owner. Listing your PG in EzPG instantly gives visibility to thousands of customers every day through the power on Internet, and helps to fill up the vacant beds quickly.

So what have we have done to help you find that perfect home:

Firstly, we have painstakingly verified each listing and made sure that the rates, locations and amenities are authentic and kept as up-to-date as possible. This ensures that you get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. Thus, you can shortlist PGs sitting at the comfort of your home without actually traveling to all the good and bad properties. This saves your time and effort. You end up either booking online without the need to actually visit or may visit just 1-2 good PGs and settle within a day or two.

Secondly, we do not deal with brokers, hence all the properties listed belong to the owners. So you don’t have to pay any expensive brokerage fees to avail services of a broker.

And thirdly, we have also tried to ensure that all important locations are covered in the city so that you get the PG at most important location and most appropriate rates. It’s is an important part of our daily activities to keep adding new PG accommodations and remove PGs which are closed or not in good condition, so that we can offer you meaningful choices. If you are a PG owner and interested in posting your apartments to EzPG, please email us at help@ezpg.in and we will get in touch to help you list the property.

So to all tenants and PG owners, happy hunting and get in touch with us to let us know how else we can help!... Write to us at help@ezpg.in

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